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 Heart Connection Community Kirtan
Kirtan in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado Area
Heart Connection Community Kirtan
Connecting hearts through Ecstatic Chanting
Join us for a blissful evening of connection through Chanting led by
Susan St.Clair, Jeffery Rodgers on Tabla, Paige Niederer on Fiddle, Ed Conely, Tim Peak
and other musical friends! 

Chanting opens the heart, expands awareness and connects us to the one heart we share with all of Creation. 
 Experience it for yourself!  Come and sing with us!






Artist David Holman www.AwakenVision.com

Sri Gayitri

 Colorado Kirtan Ft Collins Schedule

 House Kirtan and potluck two Sundays/month  6 - 8pm
South FtCollins neighborhood.   Email us for the address

Kirtan Schedule:


  Sunday House Kirtans:
May 24th 6 - 8pm Followed by Potluck social.
South Ft Collins neighborhood Email us for the address
House kirtans are a wonderful gathering of musicians and friends to to the names of the Divine and later share a potluck supper.
We generally meet twice a month. Email you rsvp for directions.


Leela Kirtan in Boulder:
Susan St Clair & David Coddington join together for a monthly kirtan in Boulder. 
Next scheduled:  Saturday May 23rd at Osho Meditation Center
Osho Leela Meditation Center
1025 Rosewood Ave., #107
(east side of building)
Boulder CO
$10 love offering suggested


If snowing, please check here on the day of kirtan for possible schedule changes.



Your donations help us to maintain this website, and cover our weekly kirtan expenses so we can continue to offer Kirtan on a “donation only” basis to everyone. Your support of any amount is very welcome and appreciated. Thank you!

New!  Download our Songbook Here 

  Check our website often for schedule updates and other events.

GaneshGoldStarA little about our style of Kirtan:

Our goal in kirtan is that everyone in the room can comfortably sing along together, beginners and experts alike.   Song sheets are always provided, so everyone can see and hear the words. We focus on traditional chants that are simple and melodious and in a vocal range that most people can sing in.  We play traditional instruments; Harmonium, Tabla, Kartels with Guitar and sing in a style that blends our rich Western harmonies with East Indian traditions.
Kirtan provides the same deep states of relaxed alertness that meditation does, in a fun, exhilarating process.  Group chanting of Sacred Mantras is simultaneously very energizing and deeply relaxing. As we sing together we begin to breathe deeply in unison. Without effort, our chattering minds are silenced and a profound state of connected stillness and bliss is felt by all in the room. Throughout the week, the peace and renewal we create in community kirtan flows through us enriching our lives and the global community.

 All Spiritual Traditions are Welcome

All spiritual traditions are welcome, we do not focus on any one teacher or teaching.  By joining together chanting, we honor all masters and traditions that each individual in the group holds dear to their hearts.

    Mantras - Yoga - Breath

We chant sacred mantras that have their roots in the ancient wisdom teachings of the Vedas.
Mantras are universal sacred sounds that were cognized by the Sages and Yogis of Ancient India while in deep states of meditation. These sounds became the language of Sanskrit. The Sanskrit word Mantra means “that which liberates us from the mind”.

Chanting mantras also establishes particular breathing patterns known as pranayama, that in turn have very positive and profound effects on the mind and body.  The quickest way to calm and still the mind, is through the breath.  The different methods of Yoga and Meditation describe many pranayama techniques, but all basically are methods of controlling and directly the prana or life- energy through conscious breathing. 

Mantras are sounds that have a universal and profound effect upon our body-mind-spirit as well as all levels of our environment. Their sound vibrations calm and stabilize us at sub-cellular levels, opening blocked energetic pathways and re-establishing the harmonious, balanced flow of energy.

Universal Blessing for the welfare of all beings throughout creation:

Lokha, Samasta Sukino, Bhavantu  X3

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

May all beings, in all worlds be happy and free.
Om, we invoke the Divine Primordial Source Energy to infuse us with
 Peace in all bodies, Peace in all minds, Peace in all souls.





Community Kirtans are Sponsered by:
Northern Lights Crystals, Books & Gifts
4020 S College Ave, Ft.Collins CO 80525

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